Task group identification

I use GanttProject to plan mechanical equipment manufacturing tasks, identifying each piece of equipment with the manufacturing start date, followed by the city where the equipment will be installed (for example, 191112 - Buenos Aires). If I have to manufacture a piece of equipment exactly the same as one already manufactured, I copy and paste the task plan, and identify it with the new date and the name of the city (for example, 211018 - Córdoba) (see image).

My query is: can I put a variable like “task group identification”, so as not to have to replace that number in the identification of each of the tasks? Or do I have to edit each task and replace “Copy_191112” with the new date “211018”?

Well… That is what I do. Yes.

I believe that the feature that you really need is search and (bulk)replace in task names. I submitted a new enhancement request to the tracker: