Template CSV for example

I nedd a template CSV for import, this exist? I tryid various tests, but, all theys not success, don’t imported, don’t appeared nothing.

Export a sample project to CSV to see what structure is expected.

This is project.PROJECT.csv (2.5 KB)

Please export a sample project from GanttProject to CSV. This will let you see what structure is expected in CSV file.

Ok, thank you very much.

Hi Dmitry, well, look, this is more hard do that I thinking, everything that try dosen’t works, I can not anymore, exported the sample, verifyed the same, created other xls more simple e nothing…

This sample HouseBuildingSample.csv, this my test…HouseBuildingSample.csv (2.4 KB)
teste.csv (422 Bytes)

In the sample CSV (HouseBuildingSample.csv) the column names are in Portuguese, in your teste.csv they are in English. Are you switching GanttProject between the languages? If not then it is expected that the column names in the CSV are written in the language set in GanttProject. Try using Portuguese.

That’s this! It’s works!! Perfect! Thank so much! Was the language, I thinked that use in English, thank you!