The parent task of milestones does not complete (neither automatically nor manually)

Dmitry, can the situation described below be considered as a problem in the program?
One of the tasks contains several milestones, all of which are 100% complete, but the parent task does not auto-complete 100%. It turns out that the parent task must contain at least one task, it shouldn’t consist only of milestones? More specifically, this can be described by the following example. There is a task “Obtaining initial data for project development”, in which milestones mark the moments of obtaining specific initial data. The task is considered completed when all the initial data has been received. However, the task does not change its progress either manually or automatically after all milestones have been completed.

The problem is how much a milestone contributes to the completion of its summary task.

The case when all child tasks are milestones is understandable, but it is by far not the most common case. Let’s consider the case which is more commonly used. What if there is a summary task with both regular child tasks and a child milestone? Shall the milestone be counted in a parent task completion? How much shall it contribute? The regular task contribution is proportional to their duration, but the duration of a milestone is 0. If there is a single 100% completed child task and a single 0% child milestone, what is the completion of a parent task?

It seems that you’re trying to use milestones as tasks with boolean completion: they are either 0% or 100% done. I think it is better to use regular tasks. This will make predictable the behavior of the completion, and besides, you can benefit from marking the date when you can start these boolean tasks.