Tooltip remains indefinitely


When hovering over exception days (holidays, week-end exceptions, etc…) an infotip comes up with the name of the exception. Unfortunately, it does often remain, and it is not possible to let it diappear otherwise than closing the program. I am working on MacOS and this behaviour concerns the MacOS App as well as the platform independent version.
Is it possible to correct this, or to deactivate the infotips (should also be an acceptable option for me) ?

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
Kind regards,
Harold Franse

Currently there 's no way to switch these tooltips off, sorry. There is an existing issue in the tracker (it is about notes tooltips, but the underlying code is the same):

Chances are that it will be fixed in the upcoming GP 3.0.

This must be fixed in the Release Candidate build of GanttProject 3.0.
Download it from

Thank you for the tip. It seems to be solved in 3.0.

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Hello! in GP v3.1.3103, JRE v11.0.15, seems that tooltips always appear when hovering on texts on the task list. And then follow the mouse pointer.

I thought this behaviour happens when column width is not enough to show all text inside… but not the case.
See attached screenshot.