Unable to delete project in Cloud


I am unable to delete a project in the cloud. There are no other possibities than opening or creating a project.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards,
Harold Franse

You can delete projects in GanttProject Cloud web interface, it works fine.

File browser in GP Desktop is not a full-featured file navigator and is not supposed to be. You can’t delete local files either. You can’t rename files, create directories, etc. It is just a UI for choosing a file to open or to save to.

Thank you for your quicke answer. Nevertheless, I can’t delete my file in the Cloud interface, as I don’t see anything there (same user).

Kind regards,
Harold Franse

Are you sure that it is the same account? In the logs I see the requests coming from GanttProject Desktop application from the user who owns the team “Team Harold”.

However, I don’t see any requests from that user which would come from the web browser.

The team is owned by a user with email “[email protected]”. As far as I can see, it uses both email+password and Google authentication. This is unlikely to be the issue, because both authentication ways are associated with the same user id, but anyway, if you’re sure that you are signed in with one of these two methods, I would recommend to try another one.

I had the same problem when I wanted to delete the project or rename it.
Finally I found it. In the left down counter three is also the project name you have selected . If you click on that it expands and you can rename or delete the project. I would suggest if you click on the project it the project properties expand by default if you select the project and then you still have to option to minimize that window ( as it is now) (Browser Firefox on Windows)