Unable to import csv file into Gantt Project

I have been trying to import a csv file into GP. I keep getting error that says:
“d!= java.lang.String”

The date format is dd/MM/yy in GP
I am using a macbook and saved this csv as the “Comma-separated Values (.csv)” file from the dropdown to save as.

Thanks in advance.
Worksheet in AryaA_HW10.csv (1.6 KB)

the issue is that there is no resource with the number 06 which is referenced as assigned in this task (“06:40.0”):

268,task5 -- Electrical Design,31/03/24,04/04/24,5,0,10,Piotr,276,6,Piotr,06:40.0,#3333ff,,

The weird message comes from the code that tries to build a good message :confused:

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