Under resources the only choice I have is either project manager or undefined?

I am the only one this is happening to. I also have a problem when saving. It says local document but does not save on my computer??
Help. This project is due tomorrow and I have tried everything.

You can choose a pre-defined set of roles (Software Development) when you create a new project at the second step of the New Project wizard (see a screenshot below), or add new roles in Project > Properties > Resource roles


Can you please help me to save this as a live file? I am a college student and am using your software to complete an assignment and did donate to your cause, but Geek Squad said that there I an internal server issue not allowing me to see so that my instructor can see my work as a Gantt chart, a Pert Chart and a resources page. It only saves whatever page that I am on as a PNG file or picture, this does not work for my instructor who must toggle between all three to see my work. Help! This is my issue, I would appreciate any assistance provided as I have downloaded three times to try to get rid of the server issue!

Lisa Casavant Welch

I am not sure that I clearly understand what do you need. If you need to give your instructor something which they can look at without installing GanttProject, then export to PDF.
If your instructor can install GanttProject, just give them a .gan file. It is just a regular file on your disk.

I had Geek Squad look at my computer because it will not save anywhere other than in the program correctly. They said it was an internal server issue with the program. Not my computer. It only saves as a picture of one tab, He needs to toggle between the tabs to check my work. Like if he were actually sitting at my computer using the program. It will not save elsewhere correctly as there is some internal server problem in the Gantt Project software. All I know is what the computer people from Geek Squad told me.

Lisa Casavant Welch

I really don’t understand what is the issue. Maybe you can record a screencast or a video which shows the problem?