Unresolved reference "javafx.embed" when building latest version

when trying to build the latest (master) version from Github, I get the following error:

e: /opt/ganttproject/ganttproject/src/biz/ganttproject/app/Dialog.kt: (31, 15): Unresolved reference: embed
e: /opt/ganttproject/ganttproject/src/biz/ganttproject/app/Dialog.kt: (95, 18): Unresolved reference: JFXPanel


Using IntelliJ 2020.1 with the following versions of gradle, jdk and Kotlin.

11:30 $ gradle -version

Gradle 6.2

Build time:   2020-02-17 08:32:01 UTC
Revision:     61d3320259a1a0d31519bf208eb13741679a742f

Kotlin:       1.3.61
Groovy:       2.5.8
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.10.7 compiled on September 1 2019
JVM:          11.0.5 (Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.5+10-LTS)
OS:           Mac OS X 10.15.4 x86_64

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi Juanan,
do you use Zulu or ZuluFX JDK? I recenty removed dependencies on JavaFX packages from Gluon, so now JDK FX is required to compile.

I was using Zulu version (not the FX one). Changing it did the trick. Thanks!