Vehicle mileage planning

Dear all,

I would like to use Gantt Project to plan what we call a vehicle Mileage : vehicles running for several month with a deadline for the number of kilometers to be done.

I would need to input in GanttProject : Vehicle A has to run Xkm and the driver runs at Ykm/week
The driver being a ressource for which I could adapt the “driving rate” which would impact the end of the mileage.

What is your feeling about doing this with GanttProject ?

Thank you

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I am sure there must be better tools for such things.

Thank you for the advice.

Anyway, I have used GanttProject for other small projects of mine and enjoyed.

Have a nice day.

Ha ha ha… it is a great idea indeed!
In fact, I have thought on a very similar Ganttproject model for forecasting my home energy consumption! ;- )

Your Ganttproject file would work and will show

  • Drivers that cannot be driving two vehicles at the same time. (overloaded resources)
  • Vehicles that have a deadline (date) for a mileage, so you can add a dependant task for “end mileage preparation”

Seems to be a good point.
Thanks for sharing.

PD: If you use the Cloud solution, it would also be shared with your team ; )