Version 3.3 bug: Project Cost set automatically to "Set explicitly"

I have a file that I mostly edited in version 3.2.3247 on an Intel Mac (macOS 12.6.3). In this file, every task’s resource calculation method is set to “Calculated”.

If I open the same file on any M1 in version 3.3.3290 (which I had to install due to the lag issue), every task’s resource calculation method is set to “Set explicitly”. This seems to be a bug.

On a different note, I followed the update prompt to update to 3.3.3293, and Gantt won’t work at all on that M1. I’ll post in a different thread about this.

@dbarashev, would you have any comment on that? Thanks in advance!

No comment at all? This is a severe issue, I would think.

I did another test. Created a new, blank project in version 3.3.3290 (can’t update to 3.3.329
because GP won’t work afterwards, see other threads).
Created one task, and one resource. Assigned the resource to the task, set the method to “calculated”. Closed the file, and opened it again.
Automatically, the method was reset to “Set explicitly”.
So while I had hope that this error was caused by my file coming from a previous version, it happens even when the file was created in the same version.

This needs resolving. Badly.

May I kindly ask for comment on this one? Unfortunately, we set up our whole company’s staff planning for the year in a Gantt chart that we now can’t use anymore (except on the older Intel Macs, which we only have very few left of).

Thanks for reporting. I submitted a new issue into the issue tracker:

Thank you! Looking forward to the fix.

Is there an ETA on a fix yet? As it stands, we cannot use GanttProject anymore due to this bug, which is unfortunate.

This is hopefully fixed in update 3294.

Great, good to hear. Looking forward to the release.