Version 3 file open dialogue not working or very slow in Windows 10 (mapped drives)

I’m having a lot of trouble with the file open dialogues in version 3.
Typically a first attempt to open a file results in a blank dialogue which is unresponsive

Sometimes it eventually loads. Other times I need to close it and try again and it loads the second time.
Sometimes after closing the dialogue doesn’t open for a minute or so.
All my recent project files are on mapped network drives, the issue may be related to this.
It is bad enough that I have had to go back to 2.9

Anyone having similar problems?

Can you try clearing the recent projects list to check the hypothesis? You need to open a settings file in any text editor and remove everything between <files> and </files> tags. The settings file name is .ganttproject and it sits in your home folder (usually C:\Users\<your user name>) on Windows.

Thanks, that worked!

I haven’t run the program in quite a while.
In the recent files list in the settings was a link to a file on a server that has now been decommissioned. I suspect that is what caused the problem.

There were similar issues with windows pinned folders when we first changed server, but it is so long ago I’d forgotten about it. Still have issues with some word files with a template linked to that server.

I’ve just paid for a copy now. I have been using it for years, great program.

Okay, thanks for checking this. Recent files pane certainly could be more informative. I filed a new issue to the tracker: