Webdav lock questions

(Ronan Barzic) #1


I have setup a webdav server (on a Synology NAS). I have no problem accessing GanttProject files using the “Web Server”->“Open from a server” menu entry. But I have that no lock is set on the file, even after selecting the file and clicking on the “lock” icon.
I’ve can see that no lock is set because I’m using cadaver (a WebDav CLI tool). It is reporting that no lock is set.
If I set manually a lock in cadaver, before opening the file with GanttProject, then I get an error about file locking.
So it appears that GanttProject somehow checks the presence of a lock but does not lock the file by itself. Am I correct ?
I would have assumed that GanttProject will lock the file when opening it , or open it read-only if it is already locked

(I’m using GanttProject 2.8.10)



(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Clicking lock icon in “Open from web server” dialog is supposed to send LOCK request.

You can enable debug logs in GanttProject logging config: open file logging.properties in GanttProject install dir and replace INFO with FINEST at line io.milton.httpclient.level.

I also recommend inspecting the server logs to see if server receives LOCK requests and what it sends in the response.