Why don't my tasks have start dates automatically calculated


I’m very new to this tool and am stuck on a simple task.

I have added a bunch of tasks.

As far as I can tell, all are set to start as early as possible.


My expectation would be that, given I’ve not assigned any resources, or any predecessors, they should all just line up to start on the start date of the project - and then extend our depending on the duration of the task. Then, once I started setting dependencies, they would push out start dates so that a task couldn’t start until it’s dependencies are finished. If I then change the duration of a depenency, I would expect the whole chart to automatically adjust dates.

Instead, after a bit of adding / removing dependencies, my chart looks like this.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong or clarify the errors in my assumptions?

Thank you very much.


Damien First Project.gan (3.9 KB)

Hello! Thanks for sharing that you are new to GP…

May I kindly ask you to look for a intro info for beginners in GP, in this conversation there are links.