Why is the scrollbar not visible?

Hello. Why does the scrollbar only become visible when you hover over it with the mouse?

It becomes visible when the cursor is over the table, not over the scroll bar. It is a standard behavior in nearly all modern user interfaces. What’s wrong with it?

Out of curiosity, why do you use CDE/Motif appearance? Plastic or native appearance look way better, no?

When the cursor is on the Gantt chart, the scroll bar is not visible. My project consists of 200 tasks. Often I need to understand where exactly the task I’m currently working on is located. Top of the list, middle or bottom. And to find out, I have to move the cursor to the table every time. It is not comfortable.
There is no reason to hide the scrollbar. This does not free up space.

I use CDE/Motif because it is the darkest theme.