Working with cloud

I use cloud in collaboration with my colleague. I had hoped we could work in the same project at the same time.
But problem is, when my colleague saves and I get a popup to update, all the change I have made its lost. And that means we cannot work in the same project at the same time.
Question is if we are doing something wrong?

Thanks for reporting this issue. GanttProject detects conflicting updates if changes are already saved to disk locally. If you select “ignore” in the project reload popup, you will be suggested to overwrite or make a copy when you save (see the screencast below). Perhaps this shall be the default when there are local unsaved changes.

Hi Dmitry
But that will not help us much. if we both makes changes to the same sheet/file and wish to save both changes, one will overwrite the other.

It will not overwrite if you choose to make a copy.
You can also lock file to prevent concurrent modifications.
Real-time synchronization, if that’s was your intention, is not yet there, but we’re working on it and it is in the mid-term pans.

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Real-time sync. is the function I was hoping/looking for. I hope it will be available soon.
Thank you for your reply’s.

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