Can't access GanttProject 2.8.10

Just purchased what I thought was GanttProject 2.8.10 but when I click on download button I am presented with 2.8.9 which I already have!

I have MacOS Mojave V10.14.3 & am running Java8 Update 201.

can I get access to 2.8.10?


we’re aware of this issue and it seems to be fixed now. You can always download any version from our GitHub pages

Thanks for reporting and sorry for inconveniences if any!

Thanks Dmitry. I have discovered that the link in the email you sent me, in receipt of my donation, takes me to the correct version. Clicking on the link on your website takes me to 2.8.9!

Having now downloaded 2.8.19 I was hoping that this version would resolve the inability to ‘manage columns’ on the LHS of the screen. In a previous versions you were able to ‘add’ new columns (I’m specifically interested in duration) but in more recent versions these fields are greyed out. When are you planning to address that?

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Can you please post a link which suggests 2.8.9?

Sorry? Can you please post a screenshot?

Hi Dmitry,

Looks as if 2.8.10 link has been resolved as when I went to get a screen shot the link took me straight to 2.8.10.

Please find screenshot of ‘manage columns’ functionality attached.

You can see that fields below ‘End date’ are greyed out & therefore unable to be selected.

Is this an intentional restriction or an error within my version of the software?


In this dialog black/gray colors mean that column is currently shown or hidden. You can select gray rows in the list and once they are selected, “Show selected” button makes them visible in the table. It might not be the best UX, but it has been working this way in GanttProject for years.

Ahh…got it! Thx for your prompt reply Dmitry. Much appreciated.


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I downloaded and installed java