Comparing Planned Vs Actual

How can get a view in bar graph between Planned Vs. Actual in GanttProject.
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You may try using baselines. The button “Baselines” sits above the chart in the right side.

I am not exactly sure how to use baseline. Is there any tutorial available or guidelines how to use it?
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  1. Create your planned schedule
  2. Save it as the baseline ( Baselines > Add - Type baseline name, press Enter, click Ok). This is your planned state.
  3. Update your project tasks, make them longer or shorter. This is your actual plan.
  4. The chart is supposed to show planned tasks under actual if their duration is different, If it doesn’t, open Baselines dialog and select the baseline which you want to compare with.

Thank you DB
Also found this video


thank you, Dmitry. I did try Baseline, need to compare baselines and check

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Useful video. Thanks for sharing