CSV from Xavier Delplanque

Could anyone have a quick look at my CSV file?
I don’t manage to assign a resource to a task correctly.
That would be extremely nice!

Export (17).csv (1.1 KB)

Nice file. It imports without any issues. What do you want us to look at?

Thanks Dmitry !
When I import it in a new project, the resources are not assigned to the related task.

More specifically, for theses tasks :

I expected the task 2 to 6 to be assigned to X1 and X2.
I believe that the field Assignements is :
Is this correct ?

The Gantt and the Resources are correctly imported, but the resources are not assigned to the task.
I can’t figure out what I’m missing :wink:
I’m running GanttProject 2.8.10 Pilsen (build 2363)

It works perfectly in my test:

I believe that the field Assignements is :
Is this correct ?

<resource_id>:<load> to be correct.

Strange, I restarted GanttProject and I managed to get the same result.
I could see also that the “error” I had in the bottom right end corner disappeared.
Maybe GanttProject was in a weird state after a failed import that didn’t restore when I created a new project.

There is still a remaining issue though.
I can see it in your screenshot.
The load for each resource is incorrect.
It should be 80 or 100 right ?
I only manage to get this 0%.