Duration in Hours

Is it possible to set the duration of tasks in hours?

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Some of us want to use GanttProject to plan a day !!!
Personally to do it, i removed weekend and use gantt project like a unitless program. you can assume each day is a year, week, day, hour, minutes or second like you want.

But it would be better if programmers offer to add different calendar with hour:min:sec.

Have a nice day.

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Is there a feature request email, page, link, sticky, something where we can request this feature?

This enhancement is addressed in this ticket.

I have the same problem and have found this document (http://sti.discipline.ac-lille.fr/Ens-Scienc-et-Techno/documents/electroctechnique/gestionchantier/52_Logiciel_GanttProject_version_chantier_EPID_DUNKERQUE.pdf) (in french) about a version of ganttproject that has been configured to work with minutes. I’m looking for this version. If some one have a copy it shall be great.

Finally, I have found the version that work with minutes
You can find it on http://pedagogique-ge.com/course/view.php?id=18
It is ten years old!

Sure, I’d like to be able to use GP to plan my working day. i need hours, minutes. Second are not important. thanks in advance.

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These guys have made a nice job. It shall be great if Ganttproject team can correct in this 2008 versions all the bug they have corrected from this date

Sorry, but

  1. those guys did not publish the sources (this is enough per se)
  2. quick prototype hack is by far not a complete feature, and
  3. source code changes, and merging in patches made by someone else 10 years ago is a good way to stop your current work for another couple of years

1 For sure, they must have published
2 Please take a look at the result it is a little more than a prototype. It works as well as Ganttproject in 2008!
3 I understand your point, but perhaps the principle they have used to go through the problem can be adapt to the actual version.

Is crowdfunding a possible solution ? You need some help and a lot of people want to use Ganttproject professionally. I need the hour duration evolution too and, like many others, I would participate financially to this evolution.

Time is the issue, not money. If there is a highly qualified software engineer who is willing to spend a lot of his time on open source project, we can pay him. The problem is that such engineers, me included, usually are pretty busy with their own life and projects.

In excel each date have a julian serial number start in 1900

1st january 1900 is day # 1

at this point you can use math to remake all the standard calendar

like 43466 is 1st january 2019 00:00:00 each day can be subdivide in decimal to know hour min and second.

With this simple mathematic you can put hour, minutes and second etc and simplify the database because you only save serial number with maximum of 9 bits precision decimals instead of date.

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Any news for my request?

If you want to receive updates, please subscribe to the ticket which was linked above: https://github.com/bardsoftware/ganttproject/issues/225

Spoiler: currently there are no updates.

Since apparently using days as the unit is so deeply commited in the codebase, this workaround:

can be improved very much if the bar above the gantt chart could be set to display “days elapsed since start of project” instead (or additionally) of the calendar dates.

This seems like a feature that would not require such deep changes to the codebase, and even benefit general use of GanttProject.

I’d appreciate this feature too.