Duration in Hours

(José Martins) #1

Is it possible to set the duration of tasks in hours?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

(Eric Gagnon) #3

Some of us want to use GanttProject to plan a day !!!
Personally to do it, i removed weekend and use gantt project like a unitless program. you can assume each day is a year, week, day, hour, minutes or second like you want.

But it would be better if programmers offer to add different calendar with hour:min:sec.

Have a nice day.

(Wayne Strydom) #4

Is there a feature request email, page, link, sticky, something where we can request this feature?

(Dmitry Barashev) #5

This enhancement is addressed in this ticket.


I have the same problem and have found this document (http://sti.discipline.ac-lille.fr/Ens-Scienc-et-Techno/documents/electroctechnique/gestionchantier/52_Logiciel_GanttProject_version_chantier_EPID_DUNKERQUE.pdf) (in french) about a version of ganttproject that has been configured to work with minutes. I’m looking for this version. If some one have a copy it shall be great.


Finally, I have found the version that work with minutes
You can find it on http://pedagogique-ge.com/course/view.php?id=18
It is ten years old!

(Daniele Mazza) #8

Sure, I’d like to be able to use GP to plan my working day. i need hours, minutes. Second are not important. thanks in advance.


These guys have made a nice job. It shall be great if Ganttproject team can correct in this 2008 versions all the bug they have corrected from this date

(Dmitry Barashev) #10

Sorry, but

  1. those guys did not publish the sources (this is enough per se)
  2. quick prototype hack is by far not a complete feature, and
  3. source code changes, and merging in patches made by someone else 10 years ago is a good way to stop your current work for another couple of years


1 For sure, they must have published
2 Please take a look at the result it is a little more than a prototype. It works as well as Ganttproject in 2008!
3 I understand your point, but perhaps the principle they have used to go through the problem can be adapt to the actual version.