Formulas in Custom fields

Hi, I would like to add a custom field (column) “time” on the resource page and compute the time spent by each resource as “duration” x “unit”. How can I do that.
Or in general, is it possible to use formulas to compute values in custom fields. If not, what are custom fields made for?
Thank you very much, Martin

No, formulas in custom fields are not supported, sorry.

Relevant ticket in the bugtracker:

Hi Dmitry,

thank you for your quick reply. Is it envisaged in the next future to
have a column “cost” or “time” on the Resources page? This would be
really handy to get directly the cost related to each person /
department involved in the project.

thank you very much

See linked discussion about resource costs.

thank you Dmitry,

in fact the csv export is a solution (I had not thought of that) but in
that case I need also for each task the percentage at which each
resource works on the task.

have a good day

Hi Dimitry,
Ganttproject is awesome! Thanks for the clean and intuitive interface and useful tools in it. Just wanna ask if any progress has happened on this ticket since then? Being able to add formulas in custom fields is basically what makes Ganttproject needless of many other features as it gives ability to users to customize and create their own formulated fields.

@Dmitry: any workaround on this, for GP v3.x to get custom values with formulas on aggregated cost?

I thought you knew that formulas in custom columns had been added. This is reflected in the ticket as well.

No. Not aware of this… In GP 3.3 or 3.2? 3.1?

Hello… May I kindly request an example of the usage of this feature? “Formulas in custom fields”.
By the way, I assume that the standard COST field does not support formulae, right?

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