GP Cloud Support: Joaquim João Delgado

The Gantt project application on the desktop works wonderfully. However, in the Cloud it does not work, neither with an Android tablet, nor with Windows, nor with an Android smartphone.

Can you please explain what do you mean? GanttProject is a desktop application, it is not supposed to work on Android platform.

created a project on the desktop in the Gantt Project application and uploaded the file to the Cloud Gantt Project.
This file, in the Cloud, does not work, neither from the desktop with Chrome, nor from the tablet also with Chrome.

What do you mean when you say “this file in the Cloud does not work”? What you expect it to do?

In fact, I expected the file in the Cloud to open, from any device, just like it opens on the desktop. But apparently it’s not like that…

You may want to read the docs and see what is GP Cloud: