What is GanttProject Cloud

GanttProject Cloud is a collaboration service for GanttProject Desktop application. Why you may want to use it?

  • It keeps your project files in the cloud, so that you and your colleagues can access them from everywhere.
  • Your collaborative work is safe with locking, concurrent update detection and file history.
  • You can manage access permissions by grouping your collaborators into teams.
  • It is seamlessly integrated into GanttProject Desktop.

If you ever thought of using WebDAV, Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing your projects, you need to try GanttProject Cloud.

GanttProject Cloud IS NOT (yet) a web service for drawing Gantt charts. You need to use GanttProject Desktop to edit your projects.

As of May 2020, GanttProject Cloud is in beta testing. You’re welcome to sign up, however, be ready that there are some rough corners and not everything works perfectly.

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