Need to disable the GanttProject 3.1.3100 update window

Malgré la mise à false du paramètre platform.update.checkEnabled" et la dépose du fichier .ganttproject dans le profil de l’utilisateur avant toute action, au lancement de l’application il y a toujours une fenêtre qui propose la mise à jour du produit.
Le bouton est pourtant bien désactivé (cf image en pj)

Pourriez-vous m’indiquer comment ne plus avoir ce popup svp ?
Merci d’avance

I don’t speak French, so I am replying to the message translated with Google Translate (quoted below). Please consider using English for better understanding

Despite setting the platform.update.checkEnabled “parameter to false” and depositing the .ganttproject file in the user’s profile before any action, when the application is launched there is always a window which suggests updating the product.
The button is however deactivated (see picture in pj)
Could you tell me how to stop having this popup please?
Thanks in advance

Hy, Thanks a lot for your translation. I notice your request and try to answer in english.
Thanks for your help

So, answering to the question, this option seems to be really ignored at the moment. This is a bug, and I added a new issue to the tracker:

Meanwhile, you can set the value of “latestShownVersion” option to some big number, exceeding the version numbers in 3.1.+ updates, e.g. 3199

    <option id="platform.update.latestShownVersion" value="3199"/>

Also, one can just hit “Skip” if he/she is not in mood to install the update, and the popup will not appear until the next update comes.
What’s the reason of ignoring the updates, by the way? They fix important bugs and usability issues and usually make the installed GP better,

Tomorrow I will try the first solution, that of the number of versions. I would like not to have this window because we must have the same version level between the workstations and the user must not be able to make updates. The versionning must manage by admin. Thank you for the two proposals and the explanation (bug). I will be able to use these arguments to request a waiver from the update window.
Thank also for your rapidity. best regards

Please keep in mind that even if this automated check is disabled, users can just open Edit > Settings > App updates and bypass these options. There is no 100% working way to prevent users from installing the update (well, unless you make the update directory, $HOME/.ganttproject.d/updates, read-only)

However, if you’re happy if users just can’t install updates from the user interface, you may change the value of the update URL and point it to your own update resource. It shall be accessible over http(s) and is supposed to be a JSON. A simple text file with the following JSON inside: [] (empty array) is okay.

Hello, I try the méthod “platform.update.latestShownVersion” value=“3199”
This solution works very well. And if you still want to make the updates they remain accessible in the preferences menu. thank you so much for your help.