Reduce code building time


is there an option to reduce the code building time? I’m trying to fix some issues and the iterative process of code+build+repeat takes a long of time. I’m wondering if there is any option to reduce that time excluding some optional items from the compilation process (e.g. the initial splash screen, all the plugins, …) Is it possible? Thanks.

Thanks for bringing up this question!
The build process is pretty heavy-weight because plugin management system needs all those plugin files to be laid out properly in the directories, which makes it difficult to run code as a simple Java application. Admittedly, it is inconvenient to build the whole distro every time.

I made the first attempt to solve this issue. Please look at this branch and try running gradle :ganttproject:run. It is supposed to start the application. It is not yet fully working, because those parts which rely on plugin system (e.g. Settings dialog) fail to initialize, but seems to be faster.

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It works! And it is indeed faster than the regular build. This will definitely help me in my developing efforts. Thanks.