Row height in 3.2


Since 3.2 I can see much less lines on my screen since the height seems to have changed and uses too much unneeded space.
Is there a way to reduce the blank space below and above?



I’m not talking about export. It’s normal live view working window.

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I’ll try the settings …

This option controls both what appears in the UI and in the export.

Perfect! Works a treat.
Thanks. :grinning:

Hi, @DmitryBarashev , Where is de UI? I try to change heights and it is impossible? Can you help?
@McLion ?
thanks in advanced

At the moment there is not UI for this option. It will be added, most likely, in GP 3.3

Thnks for fast answer… I will try to download a previous version that it´s better than de 3.2

You can edit the config file in any text editor, it takes just a couple of minutes.

Hi @DmitryBarashev , Where is the config file? I´m trying to find it in the Ganntproject-3.2 directory…

You can find the instructions in the discussion linked above:

Got it!!! THNKS A LOT @DmitryBarashev . Have a good day!!!