Task fonts in pdf

Is possible to change the task text size during the pdf exportation?

The font interface is possible to change but it doen’t affect to the pdf results.

I have the same question.

Same question here - the task text size is unreadbly small in both pdf and png exports. I have tried fiddling around with fonts with no success.

If the question is about fonts which are used in the task table and other textual content in PDF, then no, it is not configurable at the moment. GanttProject uses 12pt font size. I filed a new issue: https://github.com/bardsoftware/ganttproject/issues/2220

If the question is about the chart image which is exported to PDF, then it depends on the project. GanttProject creates a vector image on a single page. It may appear small e.g. if your project is “tall” (that is, it has many tasks running in a relatively short timeframe). You can export such projects using A0 paper size and then tile the result using third party tools. There is a comprehensive discussion here:

My 2cent trick here is: collapse tasks and zoom schedule to make “proportional” 1-page chart in A2 or A1 or A0 paper size.
Usually, around 30 tasks and a semester or year is OK to be read… on screen, of course. Not printed.

Question is about the Gantt Chart image. If using export to pdf and setting paper size to A0 it still produces a one page chart which is just a general upscaling of all in an A4 export.

If I use A4 and choose portrait text is still same size and chart only takes up like half of the page height.

If I use print to pdf I get a raster image where text which is even harder to read.

Yes, PDF export outputs the chart on a single page. You can use tiling tools to spread A0 page to a few A4 pages. Please refer to the topic which is linked above. Export gantt over multiple pages in pdf

I still think you miss the point at least in my question. I get a nice Ganttchart image in PDF and they are just proportionally scaled no matter whether I export to A4 or A0.

Problem is that task text is only about half height of the bar height. I get a nice readable layout of the bars including text on the bars but for task names the text in unreadably small - in my current project they are shown as 2.8pt.

Please see attached pdfTidsplan.pdf (179.0 KB)

That size of the font in the PDF depends on the settings “font size”, which also affects visualization.

If you print in A0, it will be surely small.

Where do you find the “font size” setting?

Under the menu point “Edit” → “Settings” I can change size of text used in the UI but it does not change text size in exported PDF or PNG.

Chosen paper size A4 or A0 just scales every thing - task text size is only half of bar width no matter what

Is it what is describe in the issue that I linked above?

I do not think so - is is about text size INSIDE the graphic Gantt chart where the font used for the Task names is very small - about 3 points

Well - perhaps it is the same. At least the same as this: Better png export · Issue #2246 · bardsoftware/ganttproject · GitHub

Issues reported are a little mixed up on font size in the pdf text and in the Gantt Chart graphic.
I see the Gantt Chart graphic font size as the main problem

Well, it is formulated broadly. But in fact there is little to no customization of any font sizes used in export. They are, basically, calculated from some base font sizes (12-14pt) and chart layout features, such as labels around the task bars.

That is problematic - as it is now I think best way to put in a Gantt chart graphic in a Word document is to make screenshots and “glue” these together.

At the screen there is a good scaling in-between Task describtion fonts and bar heights - this is lost in png and pdf.

Well, it might be related to GP v3.2. I mostly use v3.1 and that is my trick for that. Change font size and DPI.

PDF export is vector graphics. There is no resolution loss in definition.
Export in a narrow timeframe on the project. Open PDF and zoom in in the PDF reader.

I am using lastest V 3.2 yes.