Task notes for project reporting


Hi, dear Dimitry and GP team, 1000x thanks for this excellent software. I’m considering using the task note field for reporting the progress of the tasks as a text. Exporting the project in csv format seems to export notes in a separate column well, and makes them available for further use in other applications (Wp etc). Before I put too much work in this l, my question would be whether there are any limitations or hidden obstacles to such use of the field, e.g. lenghth of the text, or your plans to exclude the notes in csv exports at some later version of the GP? Just to make sure.
Thanks in advance!

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

We’re not aware of any restrictions on text length or anything like that, which doesn’t mean that we guarantee that everything works fine with long complex notes. Storing anything longer than a few kilobytes may or may not be risky, but I would at least worry with regular backups if I decided to store texts of such length.

There are no reasons to remove notes from anywhere and we definitely are not going to do it.

In general, we are very careful and conservative with respect to file compatibility. I can proudly say that GP 2.8.9 can open files produced by GP 2.0.8 which was released some 10 years ago.


Dear Dmitry,

thank you for your comments, they are very useful and will be taken into account.