Updating Documents Concurrently

When multiple users are working on the same project, they may update document on GanttProject Cloud concurrently. In such cases GanttProject Cloud 1) sends out notifications when some collaborator updates a document and 2) suggests to resolve update conflicts when they happen.


Let’s consider Alice and Bob working on the same cloud document. When they open the document in their GanttProject Desktop apps, they start pulling update notifications from our server. Once Alice changes something and saves her work, Bob gets a notification in his app.

He has a choice to pull the latest updates or to ignore them for now. If he ignores the updates and makes the changes too, most likely he will have to resolve the conflict later.

Update conflicts

If both Alice and Bob change something in the document and Alice writes a new version first, Bob will have to resolve the conflict. If he ignores the update notification (this will overwrite his changes, so it might be a reasonable choice) and then saves his document, he will be asked to choose overwriting vs making a project copy.

The choice depends on the specifics of Bob’s changes. However, even if Bob chooses to overwrite Alice’s changes, they are not lost for good. GanttProject Cloud keeps a history of the recent versions and it is easy to roll back to any of them.

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