What is a Team in GanttProject Cloud

Summary: a team controls the project ownership and access permissions and is charged for user’s activity

Team in GanttProject Cloud is a group of users who collaboratively work on a collection of projects. The team includes project access, ownership and service charging aspects.

Project Ownership and Access Permissions

  • Every project file in GanttProject Cloud is owned by a team where it was created or uploaded to, and transitively by a team owner, the user who created the team.

  • Members of the same team have the same flat access permissions across all projects created in the team. There is no yet separate “reader” or “writer” permissions.

  • The owner of all projects created or uploaded to the team folder is the team owner. When some collaborator, who is not a team owner, uploads a new project file to some team folder, he or she transitions the ownership to that team owner. This is important from data control perspective: user may export or request removal only the data which is owned by them.
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Service Charges

Every team has an associated billing account and we charge the billing account at the end of the billing cycle. As of January 2021, charging rules are as follows:

  • We do not charge for inactive users.
  • User is active if he or she accesses team projects from GanttProject Desktop. Access is project read or write operation. Users who do not access projects from GanttProject Desktop are not charged.
  • We charge a flat rate of 1 credit point per billing cycle for a single active user. No matter if your collaborator writes a new version of project every minute or reads a project just once per month, we charge the same 1 credit point.
  • Team owner activity is not charged.
  • We provide 1 free credit point monthly.
  • Different teams are charged separately.

As of January 2021, we provide 5 free credit points in the default billing account when user signs up. If you need to top-up the credit, you can do it from the Billing section in the dashboard.

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