Gantt software started lagging while using Apple M1

Hello, recently i changed my laptom from older macbook pro to new macbook pro M1. After this change gantt project software started lagging and i cannot use it like i used to it.

Any ideas how to solve this? i dont want to change software cause i have implemented big gantt charts…

Please help!


Currently most of Java Runtimes do not support M1 natively and run with the help of Rosetta. As to the best of my knowledge, there are indeed issues in such environment.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no JRE with JavaFX which would run on M1. Java FX is heavily used in the new GanttProject 3.0, so it means that GP 3.0 is not yet the best friend of M1 and the only option is this Azul Zulu runtime and ZIP archive distro of GP 2.8.11.


I installed Azul zulu 11.45.27, but no help GP3 and GP2 is still lagging. If i zoom out my project then it is running ok (i can use it properly), but if i zoom in it starts lagging heavily and its hard to use. Is there any work around I could try?


Can you please share the project file? Maybe it is not M1 which is the issue.

laging project.gan (18.9 KB)

This is the one. As i said, when zoom’ed out seems ok, but when i zoom in gantt, than lagg starts. Thanks!

Do you have any kind of update?

I tried playing with this file on my Linux and it was okay, so most likely the issue is either with JRE+M1 or with something else on your Mac environment.

I noticed that on my second screen it works great, but one my main laptop screen it does not… I have a video, but I cannot attach it here…

You can upload a video on YouTube or ZIP it and attach the archive here.

Hello there,

I attached the video to wetransfer.

What happens if you scroll using navigation buttons above the chart, “Past” and “Future”? Is the behavior the same?

Yes, it acts the same.

It seems that there is BellSoft Liberica Java 11 Runtime with JavaFX for M1. You can try installing it and running GanttProject ZIP distro.